London Clubbing munch - reportReview: Event

It was a real mingling night with plenty of topical discussion over what to wear and where to buy it, as some 40 people crowded the small downstairs bar at the Candybar on the corner of Greek and Bateman Street.

People from all walks of life, many new, others a little more experienced, gathered to share thoughts on a broad range of topics. However, the key reason for attendance was to meet other like-minded fetish party people and have a friendly face or two come Saturday the 8th of September.

On that date the crew at London Fetish Scene will be taking enthusiastic newbies (some less so) to the fetish club scene. In this case to Club Flesh, held once a month at Cynthia's.

If you failed to make it to the Club Munch, but would still like to come along on the 8th, email Fuschia at

Fear not if you can't make it this time either, as the LFS crew are already making plans for more outings in the coming months.

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