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Mistress Feral and Mistress Merx are proud to announce The Sub Way. A new night for the fetish calendar dedicated to the art of role-play and the enforcement of corporal punishment. Superior ladies go free, subs pay in more ways than one.

A room and a table will be especially set out for Superiors only. The house subs will provide a selection of torture implements and plenty of grapes for all Superiors' enjoyment. Tips for trainee-Superiors will be at hand, with both Mistresses happy to help those that are unsure. The music will be a mixture of old, new and down right inciteful.

Each week The Sub Way will stop at different places i.e. a hospital, a police station, an army camp, a school, even a dance studio (Jane Fonda style - lots of spandex and leg warmers). The night is not themed, but anything could happen. So be prepared.

Opening night: Thursday March 21st
10 pm - 2am

330 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall

Mistresses Feral and Merx will be appearing exclusively at The Sub Way for the foreseeable future.


Don't crave spanks just at the weekend with so many sins to cleanse.
Thursday comes a day before, and you'll need to make amends!

The Sub Way's first stop will be at the platform or stiletto heel of all the Superiors. So don't forget your leashes, subs.

Entry price: submissives and men 20. Femme Dommes free

The Sub Way replaces Femme Fatale at the Fringe on Thursdays monthly. For more information, mail Mistress Feral: , or call 07957 320178

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I find it disgusting how males (but mainly male subs) have been exploited by clubs and events, by being forced to pay while everyone else goes free. Its not their fault that there are more male subs than dommes, why should they be treated unequally? I'm sure it must be illegal according to sex discrimination laws and call on all male subs to boycott such events.

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Discrimination laws don't apply#2

The sexual discrimination laws are fairly tightly applied to employment, as far as I'm aware... they certainly don't apply to events anyway, as the law clearly states that any licensee can forbid entry to anyone, without even having to give a reason - and a private event obviously has the right to charge what it likes on whatever grounds it chooses.

Your call to boycott such events is the only viable option you have, I think - if everyone felt as strongly about the issue as you do, then that method would obviously work, sending a clear and financially based message to the promoters of such events. I suspect you're in a minority though, and most people will just pay up and grumble quietly. Good luck...


I'm one of the admins here on
Which doesn't make anything I say any more likely to make sense.

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Re: Discrimination laws don't apply#3

Never saw this post, very strange that a man interesting in a submissive night might complain about having to pay a little cash. oh well, can't all be perfect. grumble away...

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