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My partner and I are thinking of going to a club. It will be our first time and so we were wondering if any body could give us some tips. What are we expected to wear? Whats the age range? We are not exactely pensioners but we are not twenty one either. Can we sit back and take in the sights or will we be expected to join in? HELP!!!

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There is no expectation on anybody to do anything. Also, all clubs have a mix of ages. Even the clubs seen as rave-y type places have a huge spread of people.

Which club are you going to?

Clubbing tips.

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We were thinking of going to Redemption in Leeds. We live in the lake district. Maybe there is a good one nearer that you might know of. We have read your clubbing tips and think that the whole site could be very useful.

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Manchester is close too...?#3

Lash takes place there.

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Which club for us?#4

Congratulations on a great website!My girlfriend and i were wondering which club in London you would suggest for our first time!.We both love pvc & leather and would apprecite any info.Thanks.

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Re: Which club for us?#5

I always recommend Torture Garden's main monthly event (now at the Colosseum) as a starter for anyone within reach of London - the reason being that (a) they are usually excellent events! and (b) they are large and diverse enough that you will be able to find an area where you feel comfortable... whether that is in the midst of the action, or at a long distance from it, and whether your idea of action is dancefloor, dungeon, or bedroom oriented...


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