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Anne Summers is having a massive Sale. I (finally) managed to get a pvc basque for under ten pounds. They have basques, general underwear and stockings on sale. Worth a look.

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Re: Anne Summers Sale#1

They need to have a sale 'cos they are well overpriced to begin with.

I buy all my stuff from Adult fun toys

Great service and fast delivery in discreet packaging. The only down side is the Shirley of Hollywood range does take a couple of weeks to be delivered but it's worth it.

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Re: Re: Anne Summers Sale#2

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Re: Anne Summers Sale#3

I agree completely.. I get my stuff from Satisfaction Direct

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Re: Re: Anne Summers Sale#4

then youre gay

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Re: Re: Re: Anne Summers Sale#5

I am completely gay, that's why I get my sex toys from - the gayest sex toy site on the net.

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