BDSM/Fetish hotels in the UKRequest

We are a new couple getting into the fetish scene and would be greatful if anyone out there knows of any fetish hotels or cottages in the uk. We have searched the web looking for these places and so far we have had no luck. If anyone here have been to places that they would recomend, please send us the telephone number/e-mail of the place. Thanks for your help.

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Check the archives...#1

A quick search on this site for the word 'hotel' turned up this previous article asking about the same thing:

That was a couple of years ago, but perhaps some of the replies there will be of use to you anyway.

I'm one of the admins here on
Which doesn't make anything I say any more likely to make sense.

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Re: Check the archives...#2

i have a name of someone who might be able to help...will make sure its ok to pass on addy then let you know

aura :)

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Re: Re: Check the archives...#8

Hi aura,
I have a large 1000 capacity nightclub in Blandford dorset, it is on an industrial estate and reasonably remote.
Can you put me in touch with organisers for a regular fetish night here?
The club is on 2 floors, 4 bars and state of the art lighting systems etc but most of all it is out of town and discreet.

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Re: Re: Re: Check the archives...#11

hello any lucky with your bdsm nigth club i live near poole

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Re: Re: Re: Check the archives...#10

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Re: BDSM/Fetish hotels in the UK#3

Our facilities might be suitable - The Edge - - If you put The Edge in the site search engine you will find some articles.

KInd regards

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Re: Re: BDSM/Fetish hotels in the UK#4

There are a few articles on WWW.LondonFetishScene - search on the Edge, also under articles by JungleBlackWidow and Zee as they just did a tour of a few!


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Re: BDSM/Fetish hotels in the UK#5

I co-own a large house which was created for the needs of the TV community. However, it is also available for the fetish community too and I hope to establish regular fetish/bdsm events, munches, etc. There will be a dungeon in a large outbuilding (2 floors) once I get the building renovated (help!), and also an AB nursery.

Located in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.


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Re: BDSM/Fetish hotels in the UK#6

There is a place close to Stansted Airport that offers B&B to all us fetish people. They have a wonderfull dungeon with the most fantastic four poster bondage bed. They also cater for cross dressers and can provide a dressing service.
They also have a resident Domme should you naughty boys require. I also found to my delight they also offer a limited amount of parking and transfers to/from the airpot which i found to be a very convienent service and very well priced. They can also offer storage of clothes & things IE the sort of clothes & toys etc that might be a little embarrasing at customs.
There is a website although still under construction that shows some pics of the dungeon etc and of thier resident mistress who i think is a wonderfull lady and who made me feel very welcome and at ease. (the mistress)

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Re: BDSM/Fetish hotels in the UK#7

The best place of all =

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Re: BDSM/Fetish hotels in the UK#9

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