SM Pride 2004 - proposalRequest

Sadly, the organisation seems to have folded due to sickness of committee members. Mail to the official address remain unanswered.

Hence no SM Pride event this July.

I am proposing that those who feel this is a loss to the community get together and go ahead to arrange an event. This will need to be in the Autumn/Winter now.

I suggest much the same format as previous years. The march is slightly controversial, but there should be no disagreement regaarding the pervefest, stalls and evening party.

I see no reason why this should not be a success if help is forthcoming from the various munch groups in London and the South East, as well as various clubs, organisations and individuals.

LondonFetishScene is happy to put itself behind the event, as is the Firm and this email is seeking other offers of help.

Can I suggest that those who are interested join up to the forum at the SM Pride site:;action=display;num=1090438529;start=0#0

Please feel free to circulate this email to anybody you think may wish to offer support.

My reason for this email is to make sure we don't lose an event that is an important part of the annual calendar. I'm hoping that the discussion won't get mired down in the back-biting and negativity that seems to be a feature of previous years.

I might also add that I'm as open to us running a Kink-Pride or Perve-Pride as SM-Pride, if the name belongs to the now defunct organisation! My hope though, is that the idea belongs to us all and and we share responsibility for keeping it alive.

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Re: SM Pride 2004 - proposal#1

Fuchsia, you deserve a lot of praise for stepping into the breach. I hope the hordes of happy scene people out there are responding the way they would if you were offering free tickets to TG.

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